Building For Tomorrow

At SSV Capital our aim is to build a better tomorrow, not just for our clients by significantly building up the value of their assets, but for the world in general, by adopting a sustainable and ethical approach in everything that we do. To achieve this aim, wherever possible we will seek to maximise the positive impact of our investments. We follow a triple P guideline of People Planet Prosperity.


We abide by an ethically sound investment policy while advancing toward our objectives and designing strategies.


Balancing inventiveness with pragmatism, we apply our expertise to uncover hidden opportunities for wealth creation.


We deliver transparency across the board. This builds the foundation of our trusting relationships with partners and clients.

Our team is comprised of specialists with world-class expertise in their fields. Together we strive for progression and a better financial future. Leveraging our deep understanding of the characteristics and complexities of the sectors we operate in, we develop effective investment strategies precisely designed to maximise wealth. A commendable reputation and strong portfolio are the foundations of our company. Prioritising transparency, fairness, and honesty, we generate long-term returns. 


Becoming a benchmark ethical and sustainable investment firm in our region, specialising in banking fintech, funds, and real estate.


To build an investment portfolio of disruptive companies, fuel progressive development, and drive sustainable returns.


Evidence-based investment strategy that accounts for the complexities of the financial market.


SSV Capital supports its clients to make the most of their money even in the complicated current financial market. To help expand clients’ wealth, it develops investment portfolios based on the hard realities of changing financial markets. The company primarily invests in the high growth sectors of banking fintech, funds, and real estate.

Banking Fintech

SSV SmartPay is a secure payment method that uses open banking. It’s an innovative approach to moving and managing money that makes payments easy using QR codes. SSV SmartPay provides a quick and straightforward way to send bank transfers without compromising security.

Real Estate

SSV Real Estate is a digital real estate investment platform that helps you to diversify and strengthen your portfolio. Our platform will free you from the limitations of traditional real estate prospects by allowing you to invest the amount you want into high-yield commercial and retail properties.


At SSV Funds, we understand that every client has unique financial objectives, and we care about them all. As a result, it’s our top priority to deliver portfolios that fit our clients’ goals. We hand-pick investments with the long-term potential to support a healthy financial future for every one of our investors.