Our Firm

SSV Capital is a disruptive, multi-class asset manager headquartered in London’s financial district, Canary Wharf.

The company aims to build a better tomorrow, not only for its clients, by significantly building up the value of their assets, but for the world in general, by adopting a sustainable and ethical approach in everything it does, following a triple ‘P’ guideline of People, Planet, and Prosperity.

To achieve this objective, the company seeks to maximize the positive impact of investments by executing a robust strategy and abiding by a responsible and ethically sound investment policy wherever possible. Clients’ needs and strong relationships with partners are at the forefront of SSV Capital’s investment strategy.

Our Aim

Develop a Diversified Portfolio

At SSV Capital we aim to develop a diversified portfolio of disruptive companies operating in the banking fintech, real estate and fund sectors with the aim of maximising returns for our investors.

Ethical and Sustainable

At SSV Capital we aim to develop to become a benchmark ethical and sustainable investment firm in our region specializing in Banking Fintech, Real estate, and Funds.

Global Outreach

At SSV Capital, we aim to follow best practices and capitalise on opportunities across various growth markets. Initially concentrating on the UK and Indian markets, we want to expand to Australia and the US in the near future.

Our Strategy

Phase 1:
Setting a Clear Vision
Phase 2:
Surveying new and emerging markets
Phase 3:
Understanding market needs and comparative advantages
Phase 4:
Appointing Leadership
Phase 5:
Finance Ready
Phase 6:
Implementing Investments
Phase 7:
Balancing the overall investment portfolio
Phase 8:
Performance Management
Phase 9:

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Message from CEO

Wealth creation is both an art and a science. Without vision and insight, you cannot predict industry-shaping trends. Without knowledge and experience, you cannot discern viable investment opportunities. 

At SSV Capital, we combine thorough analysis with technological innovation. We understand that asset management requires exceptional risk analysis, prudent long-term direction, and a nuanced understanding of the needs of our clients. 

We focus on three areas of our expertise: banking fintech, funds, and real estate. With years of industry knowledge and a finely honed intuition for industry trends, we strive to create a secure and rewarding financial future for both our investors and the planet.

Ankur Ghosh, Founder & CEO