Research and Development

Adding value in our markets requires a “knowledge advantage” that can come only from proprietary, in-depth research. SSV Capital has a dedicated staff of highly skilled specialists for each market and has created a research methodology that is consistently applied. Our research revolves around enumerating the elements required for success and identifying investment candidates through which we seek to satisfy those requirements.

Effective and Efficient Communication

Communication with clients must meet their needs and strengthen the company’s relationships with them. SSV Capital wants every client to thoroughly understand its philosophy, approach, actions, and results. In reporting performance, the company accurately states its achievements, neither hiding behind excuses for losses nor taking credit for serendipitous gains.

Excellence in Investing

At SSV Capital, the goal is to achieve excellence in investing. Although the company strives for superior returns, the priority is that the actions produce consistency, protection of capital, and superior performance in bad times. SSV Capital is run for the benefit of its clients and their constituencies, as well as its employees. Profit without performance, bigness for its own sake, and prosperity through cost cutting are all explicitly rejected. The growth in earnings should only be fuelled by excellence in investing.

Diversification Works

Not putting all eggs in one basket and spreading investments over different building blocks, or asset classes, are intuitively easy to accept. Underpinning the idea of diversification is a sophisticated mathematical theory known as portfolio ‘mean variance optimisation’. Analysing the returns, risk (annualised standard deviation), and the relationship between the return series of every pair of asset classes in the portfolio (correlation), it is possible to calculate the beneficial effect in the reduction of risk per unit of return achieved in the portfolio.

Sustainable Investment

At SSV Capital, we aim for strong financial performance and believe that our investments should be used to contribute to advancements in social, environmental, and governance practices. The company follows the triple ‘P’ guideline of People, Planet, and Prosperity and aims to support businesses and industries that create a better future, not only for the shareholders but also for the world in general. With many nations reducing carbon emissions, the sustainability industry has significant potential for growth.