Our Awesome Team

Ankur Ghosh
Founder & CEO

SSV Capital is led by Founder and CEO, Ankur Ghosh, who brings a remarkable blend of seasoned expertise and entrepreneurial acumen to the helm of the organization. His illustrious career has been meticulously cultivated through years of dedicated work in the fields of asset management and private equity, transcending geographical boundaries to encompass both the UK and international markets. This extensive and diverse experience forms the very cornerstone upon which the company’s strategic decisions are built, ensuring that they are not only well-informed but also highly effective.

Ankur’s approach to identifying investment opportunities is characterized by its clarity and measurability, yet it remains infused with a forward-looking spirit that embraces innovation and the pursuit of new possibilities. This distinctive blend of pragmatism and adaptability equips him to expertly navigate the intricate and ever-evolving terrain of the financial landscape, consistently uncovering ventures with substantial growth potential.

However, Ankur’s leadership extends far beyond mere strategy. At the heart of his philosophy lies an inspirational and results-driven approach that permeates the organization. He is unwavering in his commitment to fostering a company culture that champions exceptional performance and nurtures high morale, thereby motivating the entire team toward collective success.

Ankur’s multifaceted nature extends even beyond the confines of the professional realm, where he is an avid pilot—a testament to his willingness to take on challenges that push boundaries and expand horizons. Anchored in a profound understanding of market trends, Ankur’s leadership at SSV Capital is marked by strategic clarity and an unswerving dedication to excellence. He stands as a driving force propelling the company toward innovative investment strategies and, ultimately, overarching success in the dynamic world of finance.

Payal Pandey
Management Officer & Shadow Secretary to CEO

Payal, a dynamic first-class Master’s degree graduate from the University of Westminster, currently holds the esteemed position of Management Officer and serves as the Shadow Secretary at SSV Capital, closely partnering with the CEO. Her role is pivotal within the organization, as it involves gaining invaluable insights into executive leadership, strategic decision-making, and the overarching operations of the company.

Payal’s integral role at SSV Capital encompasses multifaceted responsibilities crucial for the efficient functioning of the executive office. She provides invaluable support by assisting in diverse tasks, including meticulous scheduling of meetings, document preparation, and seamless coordination with team members, ensuring the effective execution of directives. Beyond these crucial support functions, Payal actively engages in strategic planning, contributing her insights to discussions regarding the company’s strategic initiatives, playing a key role in their development and refinement to drive growth and success. Her proficiency extends to project management, where she adeptly oversees specific projects, aligning them meticulously with the vision and objectives. Additionally, she facilitates communication channels, fostering collaboration between team members, departments, and external stakeholders. Payal also serves as a vital source of decision support, offering input and analysis that aids in making well-informed decisions, encompassing tasks such as market research, financial analysis, and data interpretation. In essence, Payal’s role embodies versatility and effectiveness, crucial in supporting the organization’s strategic endeavours.

Ishita Ghosh
Co-Founder and Vice President(HR)

Ishita possesses a wealth of experience in crafting high-quality operational strategies that have left a significant mark on multinational corporations for over a decade. Her role entails a comprehensive and pivotal responsibility in monitoring company objectives and facilitating necessary policy adjustments. Collaborating closely with fellow vice presidents and corporate executives, Ishita plays a vital role in the establishment of robust business targets that guide organizations towards growth and success.

In addition to her strategic oversight, Ishita provides invaluable advice on staffing and organizational resources. She is dedicated to formulating sustainable operational budgets that not only curb costs but also drive revenue enhancement while concurrently improving overall company performance. Her ability to strike a balance between cost optimization and revenue maximization positions her as a key asset in steering organizations towards financial excellence.

Within her tenure at SSV Capital, Ishita’s contributions extend to working closely with the board to shape the company’s overarching mission, values, and strategic goals. Ishita actively participates in meetings with the board of directors, where she shares pivotal company insights and plays an instrumental role in shaping the company’s trajectory.

Her leadership style is marked by a commitment to excellence, fostering a collaborative and goal-oriented work environment that empowers individuals to excel and collectively contribute to the company’s success. Ishita’s multifaceted expertise and leadership at SSV Capital underscore her pivotal role in driving the organization towards its strategic objectives and sustained growth.

Nidhi Pandit (Advisor)
Head of Corporate Development

Nidhi’s illustrious over a decade-long career in corporate development spans diverse global markets, from the Middle East and the USA to the UK and Asia. Her strategic acumen has been instrumental in transforming a regional money transfer operator into a global fintech leader. Notably, Nidhi executed an impressive $280 million in mergers and acquisitions, seamlessly integrating acquired businesses into the organization. Her visionary leadership extended to proficiently managing a strategic investment portfolio that fuelled sustained company growth. Nidhi’s innovation prowess shone through as she successfully launched multiple payment products, showcasing her ability to navigate the dynamic fintech landscape. Moreover, she played a pivotal role in the core team that managed the company’s prestigious initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. Nidhi’s exceptional contributions and strategic foresight continue to be driving forces behind her career’s remarkable success.

At SSV Capital, Nidhi continues to be a linchpin of the organization’s success. Collaborating closely with the management team, she is dedicated to translating strategic plans into actionable initiatives that facilitate rapid scalability. Nidhi’s role encompasses the meticulous management of key relationships, identifying synergy opportunities through mergers and acquisitions, overseeing divestitures, introducing innovative technologies, and establishing essential performance metrics. In summary, Nidhi’s remarkable track record, visionary leadership, and strategic acumen make her an invaluable asset in driving SSV Capital’s growth and success. Her ability to navigate and thrive in global markets underscores her pivotal role in the corporate development landscape.

Gaurav Halder (Advisor)
Chief Strategy Officer

Gaurav brings a wealth of experience and expertise in strategic planning and digital transformation from his extensive tenure at leading consulting firms across key regions, including China, Japan, Australia, and the wider Asia Pacific. His career has been defined by an unwavering commitment to driving impactful strategic initiatives and facilitating transformational change.

Notably, Gaurav was a founding member of a substantial $45 million project, which encompassed end-to-end complaint handling, product investigation, and regulatory reporting, with a reach extending to North America. This role highlighted his exceptional ability to lead and shape complex endeavors, showcasing his strategic acumen.

As a certified strategy and business analytics professional, Gaurav has managed customer accounts and business strategies with a combined portfolio value exceeding $100 million. This impressive track record underscores his proficiency in handling substantial portfolios, making data-driven strategic decisions, and consistently delivering measurable results.

Within SSV Capital, Gaurav plays a pivotal role in underpinning the company’s strategic planning efforts. He is entrusted with designing strategies for presentation to the board, ensuring that they are not only well-informed but also closely aligned with the company’s overarching objectives. Leveraging his analytical prowess, he formulates effective procedures by dissecting market dynamics, tracking shifts in market share, evaluating product line performance, and gleaning insights from competitive intelligence. Furthermore, Gaurav thrives in a collaborative environment, actively engaging with business executives, special committees, and external consultants to drive seamless strategic alignment and execution. Gaurav’s multifaceted expertise positions him as a linchpin in SSV Capital’s strategic triumphs, where his insights and dynamic leadership are instrumental in shaping the company’s future.

Chris Bullock
Non-Executive Director

Chris Bullock is a highly accomplished Director and seasoned Business Consultant with an impressive four-decade career marked by substantial value creation across a range of sectors, including construction, property, SaaS technology, finance, land survey, and oil exploration. He has a notable track record of successfully procuring over £25 million in debt and equity financing for mixed Commercial/Residential property developments.

As an integral member of SSV Capital’s non-executive board, Chris Bullock occupies a central role, serving as a strategic advisor and collaborator with the C-suite. His influence extends to the formulation of strategic plans and growth roadmaps, where he brings his vast experience to bear in enforcing robust governance and risk management practices. Chris is a catalyst for cultivating operational and customer excellence, while his leadership is evident in the guidance of strategic initiatives spanning critical domains like ESG, corporate development, and financing. Within SSV Capital, Chris is at the forefront of driving growth initiatives. He leads the charge in securing debt and equity financing, integrating ESG principles into the business fabric, and conducting insightful strategic analyses that underpin organic growth plans. Chris Bullock’s extensive expertise and strategic acumen constitute invaluable assets that significantly elevate SSV Capital’s trajectory and continuous evolution in the financial industry.

Obi Onyesoh
Non-Executive Director

Obi Onyesoh, a distinguished Chartered Management Consultant, brings a formidable track record spanning more than a decade to the forefront. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, including ESG, Sustainability & Impact Investing, as well as Digital & Agile transformations. Obi has consistently delivered strategic insights and leadership to high-impact, multi-million-pound initiatives in the domains of Digital, ESG, Sustainability, and Impact Investing for leading FTSE100 entities such as HSBC, Lloyds, BP, Vodafone, and BT. His consultative acumen extends across diverse sectors, including Banking, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, and thriving digital sectors like FinTech, InsureTech, and EdTech. With an unwavering commitment to professional growth, Obi has pursued advanced studies at prestigious institutions such as Cambridge University Judge Business School, Oxford University, and the London School of Business & Finance. His portfolio boasts certifications in financial regulation, securities, and derivatives, emblematic of his dedication to remaining at the vanguard of industry trends. Furthermore, Obi is deeply immersed in the realm of ESG & Impact Investing, enhancing his versatile expertise.

Obi Onyesoh’s extensive proficiency in ESG, Sustainability & Impact Investing, alongside Digital & Agile transformations, positions him as a catalyst for substantial contributions to SSV Capital. His extensive experience in spearheading large-scale strategic initiatives for prominent FTSE100 organizations, combined with his profound knowledge of sectors ranging from Banking to Telecoms, Oil & Gas, FinTech, InsureTech, and EdTech, renders him an invaluable asset. Obi’s resolute commitment to remaining abreast of industry developments through advanced studies and certifications underscores his unwavering pursuit of excellence. His mastery of financial regulation, securities, and derivatives holds particular relevance in the financial sector. Moreover, his active engagement in the sphere of ESG & Impact Investing seamlessly aligns with SSV Capital’s core mission and values, rendering him an ideal addition to the team poised to significantly contribute to the company’s strategic growth and sustainability endeavors.

David Lewis
Non-Executive Director

David Lewis is a seasoned international executive with a proven track record of driving growth and transformation in technology, product, and process. He has held leadership roles in startups, global system integrators, and government, and has consistently delivered results through innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies.

In his early career, David Lewis pioneered Sri Lanka’s first Internet Service Provider and co-founded a technology company that achieved a tenfold return on investment. He then transitioned into the global system integrator space, where he executed a global digital transformation program for a Tier 1 Telecom provider. Subsequently, David moved into the government sector, where he revitalized struggling consulting and transformation practices and successfully revived a faltering technology services program in the Cabinet Office. His contributions also extended to playing a critical role in defining cross-government technology interoperability strategies. Throughout his career, David has consistently demonstrated his passion for using technology to solve complex problems and drive positive change, making him a highly accomplished and experienced leader capable of guiding organizations towards growth and transformation through technology.

David Lewis, with his extensive international executive experience in driving business growth through technology, innovation, and strategic leadership, will be a valuable asset to SSV Capital. His proven track record in digital transformation, startup environments, and government contexts demonstrates his ability to foster diverse teams and deliver substantial business value. David’s expertise in initiating innovative strategies and leveraging cutting-edge technologies aligns perfectly with SSV Capital’s mission, positioning him to drive forward the company’s innovation and growth initiatives while delivering exceptional results in international delivery and practice development, ultimately elevating SSV Capital’s global presence and success.

Dr. Damian Zech
Non-Executive Director

Dr. Damian Zech is a distinguished non-executive director with an illustrious career spanning over two decades. His professional journey includes holding prominent C-level positions in leading global financial service companies across Switzerland, the USA, and the UK. Damian’s expertise encompasses pivotal domains such as IT & Operations, digitalization, risk & compliance, and operational & service excellence.

As a proponent of agile/lean methodologies, Damian has successfully spearheaded and implemented large-scale business and IT transformation programs, consistently driving success and growth within the organizations he’s been part of. His proactive role as an advisor marked by fostering collaborative relationships among stakeholders, resulting in the alignment of shared mission objectives within multifunctional boards and executive committees.

With exceptional leadership capabilities, problem-solving skills, and an academic background that includes an INSEAD alumni status, a PhD in Physics, and a Corporate Governance certification, Damian embodies a unique combination of academic rigor and practical business insight. Proficient in German and English, with a solid understanding of French, his diverse skill set and multilingual abilities bring a global perspective and depth to his professional endeavours.

Dr. Damian Zech’s wealth of experience and expertise is poised to significantly impact SSV Capital’s trajectory. His proficiency in IT & Operations, digitalization, risk & compliance, and service excellence aligns perfectly with the company’s goals of innovation and operational efficiency. Damian’s experience in leading large-scale transformation programs will be instrumental in shaping SSV Capital’s strategic vision and optimizing its operational capabilities.

Furthermore, his adeptness in fostering collaborative relationships among stakeholders will be crucial in aligning SSV Capital’s objectives and achieving key mission goals. Damian’s exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills will contribute to the company’s strategic decision-making and operational enhancements.

Moreover, Damian’s global perspective and multilingual abilities will be pivotal as SSV Capital seeks to expand its reach and navigate diverse markets. His unique blend of academic rigor and practical business insight will undoubtedly play a significant role in steering SSV Capital toward becoming a leader in the financial services industry.

Rosa Pollatou
Non-Executive Director

Rosa Pollatou stands as a luminary in the realm of finance, wielding an illustrious career etched with expertise in financial markets, risk management, and strategic advisory. Her multifaceted skill set extends into budget management, risk assessment, and the formulation of capital-raising strategies, underpinning her adeptness in navigating the intricate landscapes of banking and finance.

Adept at fostering enduring partnerships, Rosa cultivates robust relationships with financial institutions, customers, and vendors. Her proficiency traverses the complexities of debt management, financial structures, and the evaluation of derivatives within dynamic markets. Her approach doesn’t merely abide by convention; rather, she actively champions innovative strategies, introducing new products and effecting substantial change despite budgetary constraints.

SSV Capital is poised to benefit profoundly from Rosa’s acumen and vision. Her alignment with the company’s mission for financial innovation and growth is evident in her expertise in financial markets, risk management, and strategic budgeting. Rosa’s contributions are not confined to her analytical prowess; they extend to relationship cultivation and network leveraging—essential elements for SSV Capital’s strategic expansion.

Her role within SSV Capital is not just that of an expert but a catalyst for change. Rosa’s insights into diverse financial structures and her proficiency in navigating complex markets will be instrumental in the company’s quest to develop innovative financial initiatives. Her commitment to driving positive change, coupled with her extensive experience, stands as a guiding beacon for SSV Capital’s journey toward greater success in the competitive financial services industry.

In harnessing Rosa Pollatou’s expansive expertise, SSV Capital gains not just a seasoned professional but a visionary whose strategic insights and commitment to value creation will undoubtedly propel the company to the forefront of the financial sector, ensuring sustained growth, innovation, and market leadership.